At Equitable Life we are proud to be one of Canada's largest mutual life insurance companies, and we believe our mutual status best serves the long-term interests of our policyholders.

Participating policyholders

As a mutual company, our participating policyholders share in our success. They are eligible to receive dividends supported by distributable earnings from all lines of business - Individual Life and Health, Savings and Retirement, and Group Benefits. Participating policyholders also elect our Board of Directors and have a right to vote on various other Company issues. We operate the Company in their interest and we answer only to them.

Long-term focus

Our mutual structure means that we are not driven by shareholder pressures for quarterly results. This allows us to offer continuity and stability and to focus on growing the Company and meeting the long-term interests of our policyholders.

Stability and growth

Our mutual status has allowed us to prepare for and succeed in difficult market conditions. We have sufficient earnings and capital to meet our future growth targets, and we continue to grow steadily. Our commitment to mutuality allows Equitable Life to offer continuity and stability to our policyholders, independent producers and employees. As other insurance companies consolidate and restructure, our organization remains focused, stable and strong. Since 2012 Equitable Life’s earnings have grown from $44.7 million to $106 million in 2017.

Customer service

Finally, we believe that being a mutual company allows us to provide better levels of service than a publicly traded company. Our customers know who they are doing business with - now and in the future - and will continue to receive superior, customer-focused service.