1: Complimentary investment style

Different styles of investing perform differently across various economic conditions. By including more than one style in your portfolio, you access an additional layer of diversification. Our top-down approach is unique to the Canadian segregated fund industry and can provide diversification benefits when paired with more typical growth or value investment styles.


2: Core investments

Core investments offer stability to your portfolio and serve as the foundation of an investor’s long-term investment strategy. While we make tactical shifts across asset classes, our core mandate is to remain invested in key financial markets over time. Our portfolios offer access to asset classes and regions most commonly found in traditional core portfolios.


3: Cost effective funds

Lowering your investment fees is vital to long-term investment success. A comparison of two portfolios that achieve an annual growth rate of 8% on a $100K investment demonstrates that, after 15 years, the portfolio with the lower Management Expense Ratio (MER) has generated an additional $9,322.


Active Balanced portfolio MERs are amongst the lowest in each of their respective categories and help ensure that more of your money is at work benefiting from the power of compounding.