A Taxable Spending Account (TSA) is a simple and effective solution that enhances a group benefits plan by functioning as a personal health and wellness account for plan members. A TSA helps organizations be innovative and flexible, attracting and retaining valued staff while clearly defining and predicting benefit costs.

Why choose an Equitable TSA?

Responsive: Encourages health and wellness by covering the costs of services that can help plan members lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Flexible: Provides greater choice in employee benefits by reimbursing eligible expenses that are not covered through the traditional group benefits plan.

Simple: Can be added to any Equitable group benefits plan without plan design changes.

*Equitable's standard TSA is designed to meet the needs of the majority of our clients.

How does a TSA work?


A TSA can provide reimbursement for eligible expenses for dependents and plan members, or for plan members only.


The plan sponsor defines how much will be allocated annually to each plan member. This provides cost stability to the group benefits plan.

There are two types of TSA allocations:

Balance carry-forward

Allows plan members to accumulate a balance over a set period. Plan members can save their TSA credits for an eligible expense that may be greater than the amount allocated in a single benefit period.


Requires plan members to forfeit unused TSA amounts at the end of the benefit period. There are no tax implications for the tax year for unused credits.

Equitable TSA features
  • Online access for plan members including account balances, lists of eligible expenses, benefit periods and more.
  • Utilization reports for plan sponsors that can be used for taxation and accounting purposes, as well as to view utilization trends and costs.
  • Simple TSA claim form with easy-to-understand itemized list of eligible expenses.
  • Straightforward monthly billing sent electronically.
  • A unique policy number to make tracking for tax reporting easy
What is covered under a standard Equitable TSA?


Health-related services

  • Weight management programs;
  • Smoking cessation programs;
  • Nutrition programs and counselling;
  • Maternity services (prenatal classes, midwifery services);
  • Alternative health practitioners;
  • Sleep assessments; and
  • Stress management programs

Fitness-related services

  • Fitness club memberships and classes;
  • Sports team costs;
  • Sports club fees (golf memberships, greens fees; ski passes, etc.);
  • Personal training fees; and
  • Fitness and sports equipment

Work/life balance-related services

  • Elder care costs; and
  • Daycare costs

Personal insurance premiums

  • Critical illness (CI);
  • Life insurance;
  • Long-term care; and
  • Long-term disability (LTD)

Professional development

  • Courses and seminars;
  • Conference and classes;
  • Textbooks and reference materials;
  • Professional exam fees; and
  • Travel costs associated with eligible professional development


  • Computers;
  • Other electronic devices (smartphones; tablets); and
  • Software

Because a TSA is a flexible solution by design, Equitable Life can customize any TSA to meet the unique needs of specific workplace demographics or preferences and requests. Please speak to your group benefits advisor or your Equitable Group Account Executive for more information about how an Equitable TSA can be a great benefit or to find out more about health and wellness solutions that matter.