Health and Wellness resources to keep you and your employees healthy and productive

Our comprehensive Equitable HealthConnector services provide you with flexible options to help your employees stay healthy and productive. Services are available in any combination to easily customize to the unique needs of your employees. Whether it is advice for dealing with the demands of a busy household or support when diagnosed with a serious illness, HealthConnector can help with affordable tools and resources that benefit both you and your employees. Here is how:

Equitable HealthConnector can help you:
  • Decrease the impact of health-related absences and claims.
  • Improve productivity and overall workplace health.
  • Strengthen retention and recruitment efforts; and
  • Manage the overall cost of providing group coverage.
Equitable HealthConnector can help your employees:
  • Cope with everyday challenges related to work, home and family responsibilities.
  • Bring their best game to work every day.
  • Get the support they need after being diagnosed with a serious illness; and
  • Identify their mental health risks and connect with the resources they need.

 To learn more about our Equitable HealthConnector solutions and help your employees learn how to live well every day, please contact your advisor or your nearest Equitable Life group regional sales office.

Homewood Health Online : Online resources to help your plan members manage their health and wellness, including work-life balance, financial and legal issues, parenting, and eldercare.

Homewood Health® Employee and Family Assistance Program: Provides your plan members with access to professional counselors – via the telephone, the web or in-person – to help you deal with life events or personal and family issues.

FeelingBetterNow® online mental health care management system: A confidential and anonymous web-based tool to help your plan members in the early diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of mental health issues.

The CAREpath Navigation System™ cancer assistance program: Provides your plan members with support when they’re navigating a journey with cancer, including information, advice and support from an oncology nurse.

WorldCare™ second opinion: Provides your plan members with expert independent medical guidance to confirm diagnoses for serious illness and make treatment recommendations.

Dialogue Virtual HealthcareProvides your plan members with anytime online access to primary, non-urgent care from medical professionals for a wide range of medical concerns.