The Equitable Asset Management Group uses economic trends to uncover often overlooked investment opportunities. Offer your clients a unique source of diversification with Equitable Life Active Balanced Portfolios; investment funds that consider the big picture.

The Funds

When it comes to choosing the right fund, investors have different investment needs. That’s why we’ve designed a line-up of portfolios appropriate for a range of clients, regardless of what their investment preferences may be. Equitable Life Active Balanced Portfolios are constructed with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that span the asset class spectrum. ETFs are cost effective, efficient and flexible investment solutions that are ideal pairings with our broader top-down, macro-economic views.

A simplified line-up of funds for a broad range of investors

A simplified line-up of funds for a broad range of investors


Key Fund Features
  1. “Big-picture” investing
    We look for emerging economic trends to spot potential dangers and opportunities that lay ahead.
  2. Asset allocators
    Asset class performance is the most significant component to a portfolio’s return, which is why we focus our efforts on asset class selection.
  3. Proven investment process
    Our top-down views can help capture relative asset class value; an approach proven successful even in the weakest of economic conditions in our non-segregated funds.


Target Benchmark Weights


Key Fund Benefits
  1. Style diversification
    Our top-down investment approach offers a unique perspective on markets and can add diversity to existing holdings.
  2. “Core” portfolios
    An ideal line-up of funds that can serve as the cornerstone of your investment strategy.
  3. ETF advantage
    Access the benefits of a segregated fund for less.

Active Balanced Porfolio Funds chart

Disclosure Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract holder and may increase or decrease in value. Segregated Funds values change frequently and past performance does not guarantee future results. Professional advice should be sought before an investor embarks on any investment strategy. Investors do not purchase an interest in the underlying securities or funds, but rather, an individual variable insurance contract issued by Equitable Life of Canada. Please note that both the Death Benefit Guarantee, and Maturity Benefit Guarantee are reduced proportionately for all withdrawals or transfers that the policy owner makes.