May 7, 2012 -

Equitable Life of Canada has implemented new imaging technology that streamlines Disability Claims Case Management, making it simpler for both claimants and Administrators.

By electronically attaching all claim-related documentation to each Plan Member file as soon as information is received or updated, the technology makes it easier for Plan Members and Administrators to submit disability documentation. It also facilitates immediate access to all claims-related information in a unified online environment for Equitable Life Disability Specialists. This provides the ability to route claims and associated documents in a more efficient manner, reducing delays associated with filing, storing and accessing paper information.

"Files can be updated immediately and decisions that require additional information can be acted upon right away," explains Norma Crouse, Assistant Vice President - Group Claims, Equitable Life of Canada. "Facilitating treatment, assessments and communicating what the next steps are can be done even more efficiently and faster."

Disability can be an important, challenging and a potentially costly workplace issue. In fact, according to research from Wilson, Joffe and Wilkerson, workplace costs associated with disability account for anywhere from four to 12 per cent of annual Canadian payrolls. It is with this in mind that Equitable Life developed, tested and has implemented imaging technology as part of our overall, and constantly evolving Disability Management strategy.

"Waiting for decisions and information can heighten the stress of being off work for Plan Members," says Karen Mason, Senior Vice President - Group, Equitable Life of Canada. "Imaging, combined with our highly trained disability staff, further enhances Equitable Life's ability and commitment to start Plan Members on the road to recovery and the path to a timely and successful return to work."           

"Our disability claims management process has always been based on a commitment to provide claimants and their employers with clear, timely decisions and communication," adds Mason. "Disability is a difficult workplace issue and it is our goal to make the claims process as straightforward as possible for both Plan Members and Administrators."

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