GIA Rates

A Guaranteed Interest Account (GIA) is an ideal account for saving toward a special purchase, creating an emergency fund, a guaranteed holding of your investment portfolio and even guarding against market volatility. Our GIAs provide security of principal with a guaranteed rate of return. GIAs are also Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) eligible.

Notable features

  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • No policy fees
  • Rate guarantees
  • Flexible-access to your investments anytime
  • Creditor protection
  • Safe and secure
  • Estate planning
  • Compounded or simple interest payout option available


Investment options


Daily interest account (DIA)

The DIA is similar to a high-interest savings account and may be ideal for those seeking a stable and secure investment for emergency savings or for those who have not yet defined their goals. The DIA offers a fluctuating annual interest rate that is compounded daily and credited monthly*. You may withdraw your money at any time and will not be charged any fees**. 

Guaranteed deposit accounts (GDAs)

GDAs are a great way to earn a competitive interest rate and safely grow your savings. These are annually compounded interest accounts with terms from 1 to 10 years, which you can invest in a GDA for as little as $500. You also have the option with this product to request the simple interest payout option, which entitles you to receive simple interest payments monthly or annually, the choice is yours. This option requires a minimum $10,000 investment.

Term deposit account (TDAs)

TDAs are long-term simple interest accounts that provide a regular and reliable source of income within a retirement income fund (RIF) or life income fund (LIF). Ideal for retirees, this investment provides guaranteed income with the interest earned deposited directly to your bank account on a monthly or annual basis – the choice is yours. Terms from 11 to 30 years are available and the minimum investment is $5,000.

Benefits the GIA can provide:

  • Savings stability
    Deposits made to the DIA, GDA and TDA are fully guaranteed and can be accessed at any time**. Partnered with our competitive rates, these investments are a great way to diversify your portfolio and grow your savings.
  • Competitive interest rates
    You are guaranteed to keep what you invest while earning a competitive interest rate on your money. Upon request we can lock in the current interest rate for up to 45 days for incoming transfers and maturing deposits.
  • Creditor protection
    As an insurance contract, your guaranteed interest account may provide creditor protection for the policy owner, subject to certain conditions.
  • Estate planning
    At death, the proceeds from your guaranteed interest account may be passed directly to a named beneficiary and may avoid probate, legal and executor fees.
  • Safe and secure
    Equitable Life is a member of Assuris, which administers the protection plan that provides protection to the policyholders of member companies***.

If you do not have a financial advisor and would like to speak to one, call us at 1.800.668.4095 and our customer service team would be pleased to have an advisor in your area contact you.


*The low interest rate environment has limited the return on the DIA. Contact your advisor or Equitable Life for the current rate.
**Withdrawals from GDAs and TDAs prior to maturity will be subject to market value adjustments. Withdrawals from the DIA, GDA and TDA subject to legislative or contractual restrictions.
***The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada is a founding member of Assuris, which administers the Consumer Protection Plan instituted to provide protection to the policyholders of member companies. Policyholders and prospective policyholders should read the Assuris brochure for details and limitations of coverage.