The following provides information on the past performance of the
Linked Interest Options available with Equation Universal Life.
The Linked Interest Options' earnings do not reflect
the current Linked Interest Option Administration Fees.

Linked Interest Options(L.I.O): As at September 30, 2021

Index Interest Options Annual L.I.O. Admin. Fee 1m 6m 1y 2y 3y 5y Since Inception
American Equity
Currently tracking S&P 500 Total Return Index
3.00% -4.26% 10.00% 23.47% 19.67% 15.17% 16.09% 6.76%
Canadian Equity
Currenty tracking S&P/TSX 60 Total Return Index
3.00% -2.01% 9.23% 28.17% 13.37% 11.68% 10.38% 8.38%
Currently tracking DJ Euro STOXX 50 Total Return Index
3.20% -4.94% 4.08% 21.14% 9.47% 7.53% 8.61% 2.47%
U.S. Technologies
Currently tracking NASDAQ 100 Total Return Index
3.20% -5.30% 13.44% 23.07% 35.79% 24.68% 25.06% 7.32%

Performance Fund Interest Options Annual L.I.O. Admin. Fee 1m 6m 1y 2y 3y 5y Since Inception
Currently tracking Franklin Quotential Balanced Growth Portfolio
2.75% -2.75% 4.32% 10.09% 7.72% 5.96% 5.10% 4.84%
Currently tracking Templeton Growth Fund, Ltd.
2.75% -2.66% 0.17% 11.33% 5.95% 0.88% 4.59% 4.98%

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment results will vary. Linked Interest Options are NOT Mutual Funds or Indexes: the policyholders are NOT acquiring units in an investment fund or other security. They are placing funds on deposit, earning interest, with the general funds of Equitable Life®. The Mutual Fund or Index being tracked may change at any time.



  1. Values under 1 year reflect the actual percentage change for the period in question. All values shown for reporting periods of 1 year or greater reflect average annual compound rates of return.
  2. The Linked Interest Options’ interest earnings do not reflect the current Equation Linked Interest Option Administration Charges. The Linked Interest Option Administration Charges must be taken into consideration when determining interest credited or debited to the policy. Please see the policy contract for details.
  3. The interest earned for a Linked Interest Option can be either positive or negative depending on the performance of the applicable Index or Mutual Fund being tracked. A negative rate of return will result in a debit to the Account Value (negative interest). A positive return will result in a credit to the Account Value (positive interest). Example: If you have a value of $2,000.00 in one of the Index Interest Options and the index this option is tracking increases from 300.0 to 309.0 (a 3% increase), the value of your account will increase by the credited 3% interest to $2,060.00. On the other hand, if the index decreases from 300.0 to 288.0 (a 4% decrease), the value of your account will receive a debit of a negative rate of interest of 4% to $1,920.00.
  4. “Since Inception” reflects the interest earnings since the Linked Interest Option became available with Equation® Universal Life, it does not reflect the actual inception date for the Mutual Fund or Index being tracked.
  5. Inception Dates:
    Canadian Equity Index Interest Option - November 14, 1994
    American Equity Index Interest Option - October 13, 2000
    U.S. Technologies Index Interest Option - October 13, 2000
    European Index Interest Option - October 13, 2000
    Performance Fund Interest Option - Global - November 1, 1995
    Performance Fund Interest Option - Domestic - July 15, 1997

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