Give a gift that leaves a legacy

You want the very best for your family, including protection against all that could go wrong in life. When it comes to your grandchildren, wouldn’t it be great to provide them with a gift that offers that protection and continues to give for the rest of their lives?

Single parent? It is twice as important to plan.

It’s been said that being a single parent can mean twice the work and twice the tears, but also twice the love and twice the pride. When it comes to financial planning and making sure your family is protected, you could say it’s also twice the stress and twice as important.

More affordable than you think

For less than the cost of your daily snack, you could be protected. Term insurance coverage can be less than $1/day.

What kind of life insurance is right for me

There are basically two types of life insurance... term and permanent. Learn more in this article which compares these two types of life insurance to renting an apartment and home ownership.

Critical illness insurance can help people “get back to living”

Every year, close to 170,000 Canadians receive a cancer diagnosis. Another 75,000 suffer a heart attack. An estimated 50,000 have a stroke. And thousands more face diagnoses of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, blindness, paralysis or other illnesses.

What is term insurance?

What is term insurance?

Term vs. mortgage insurance

Available in 10 and 20 year renewable plan options, or a non-renewable plan with level premiums payable to the later of 30 years or age 65.1 Term insurance from Equitable Life provides flexible and affordable protection for your mortgage. Not all mortgage protection is created equal. Before you buy, ask these questions.

Giving your child a head start

Thinking about purchasing insurance for your children is not an easy thing to do. The last thing any parent wants to consider is the potential of losing a child. But there are many reasons that buying life insurance coverage for your children makes good sense and some of them may even surprise you.