Pivotal Select

Pivotal Select is a segregated fund contract which offers the choice of three distinct guarantee classes: Investment, Estate and Protection. Investors can choose from a diverse selection of investment funds from a variety of Canadian fund managers. Whether your style is value or growth, you're seeking fixed income or equity, or you're looking for domestic or foreign, our investment solutions can be tailored to meet your specific objectives. In addition, funds can be held under both the DSC and no load sales charge options and Pivotal Select gives you the ability to move between funds and fund managers within the contract.

When you invest in segregated funds you automatically receive the estate planning and protection features of an insurance contract; potentially shielding your investments from creditors. These contracts are available in registered and non-registered savings plans, Tax-free savings accounts, and retirement income plans. More information is available in the Pivotal Select segregated funds Contract and Information folder.

Notable features

  • Access to 28 segregated funds from 6 distinct Canadian fund managers
  • Dollar cost averaging
  • A selection of death and maturity benefit guarantees to suit your needs
  • Easily switch between investment options and fund managers
  • Guarantee resets available on Estate Class and Protection Class to protect market gains

Investment options

Money market fund

Fixed income

Balanced and asset allocation

Domestic equities

Foreign equities

Portfolio funds