Our vision

In five years, we will be successful because:

  • We are a financially solid mutual company and have achieved or exceeded the earnings, sales and expense management metrics from our strategic plan.
  • We have achieved an increase in market share by building our current business and positioning ourselves for growth opportunities in changing markets and new distribution channels.

And . . .

  • We have an engaged, motivated workforce and are considered an employer of choice with a reputation for attracting, developing and keeping top talent.
  • We are increasingly recognized by advisors and customers across Canada.
  • We have secure, agile technology that meets the needs of customers and distribution partners, enables self-service and supports employee productivity.
  • We are a visible and socially responsible corporate citizen committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate.


Our mission

At Equitable Life, we are committed to providing financial security to our customers.

We will grow the Company by delivering high quality services and competitive products; building stronger relationships with our distribution partners; engaging our people; and positioning ourselves for changing markets.

We will achieve this through the following priorities:

  • Increasing our market share by line of business
  • Achieving lower unit costs
  • Expanding distribution
  • Making it easier to do business with us (e.g. Invest in technology)
  • Developing products and services
  • Developing a plan for changing markets
  • Promoting a work environment of continuous improvement, innovation and excellence.

Our values

Our core values of ...

  • Integrity
  • Customer focus
  • Engaged employees

... will guide our decisions and the way we work with each other, our business partners and our customers.