February 6, 2012 -

Equitable Life of Canada has introduced two new plan types to help Canadians meet their short or long-term insurance and savings goals. 

For those looking for higher long-term value, Equimax Estate Builder™  is ideal for estate planning and covering taxes and fees at death so their estate passes intact to their heirs.

Equimax Wealth Accumulator™  provides higher early cash values within the first 20 years and is ideal for building wealth policyholders can access during their lifetime.

Both offer participating permanent whole life insurance coverage from the largest federally regulated mutual life insurance company in Canada.

Equitable Life has also introduced enhancements to its Equimax participating whole life insurance product, including:

Increased issue ages
Increased issue ages make Equimax an excellent choice for older clients looking for guarantees and a more stable investment option.

Ability to increase the tax-sheltered growth
In a low interest rate environment where guarantees are scarce, Equimax provides a stable, hands-off investment option that offers tax-sheltered growth.  Policyholders also have the ability to accelerate the tax-sheltered growth in the policy by making additional deposits above the required guaranteed premium. Those deposits buy participating paid-up insurance which may immediately increase the total death benefit and total cash value of the policy.  This feature is also available on children's policies, increasing the cash value they can access to fund education.

Individual whole life insurance from Equitable Life of Canada offers policyholders guarantees (premium, cash values and death benefit) and the ability to protect their family's financial security, create wealth, preserve an estate or access funds throughout their lifetime.  Talk to your advisor about Equimax today.

About Equitable Life of Canada
Since 1920, customers have been depending on Equitable Life of Canada for financial protection. As one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in Canada, Equitable Life is dedicated solely to its policyholders. Everything we do is focused on providing them with personalized service, security and wellbeing.

Through partnerships with Managing General Agencies and Advisors, we offer a wide selection of competitive Individual Life and Health, Savings and Retirement and Group Benefits products to meet a range of financial planning and health needs.

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