Equation Generation IV

A plan ideal for clients who want cost-effective life insurance and tax-advantaged investment opportunities. You can choose from 2 plan types:

  • Equation Generation IV with Bonus provides an incentive bonus* plus an investment bonus that is guaranteed regardless of market performance or rates of returns.
  • Equation Generation IV Low Fees provides an incentive bonus* plus offers lower management fees that immediately enhance the return on your investment for maximum tax-advantaged cash accumulation.

* The Incentive Bonus is subject to funding requirements and is not guaranteed.

High performing investment options

Equitable Life offers a wide range of investment options. For more information, contact your advisor and request a “Universal Life Savings and Investment Options” booklet.  To help you select the investment options that best match your financial goals and risk tolerance, ask your advisor for a Universal Life Investor Profiler Questionnaire.

Check out the rates and performance for the investment options.

Bundling protects your total life and health needs

You can customize your plan with optional benefits to meet your changing needs. Bundling universal life with a Term life insurance and a EquiLiving critical illness insurance helps protect your total life and health needs in one convenient policy.


Universal life is a participating policy of the Company.  While it is inforce, this policy is eligible for ownership dividends.  These dividends may be paid based on the overall earnings of the Company and when the Company has a strong capital position at the time and into the foreseeable future.  Ownership dividends are paid at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Dividends are not guaranteed.  This policy is not eligible for experience dividends.